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Manuscript Consultation

Your story is your story. In providing manuscript consultation, I believe my role is to identify and explain what is happening in that story—how the words and ideas affect me and how they are likely to affect other readers. Then I'll offer suggestions and strategies for tweaking these effects one way or another. However, it's ultimately up to you to decide what you want to achieve and to do the actual tweaking and comprehensive revision that it might take to get there.

My expertise in this area comes from a lifetime of writing and revising stories, formal study of creative writing in the MFA program at the University of Maryland, work in the publishing industry, and experience as a writing instructor.

I can work with short stories as well as novel excerpts and entire novels. Each review will contain margin notes on specific parts of the work, as well as a letter about the work as a whole. I will also offer an opportunity for you to follow up with me and ask questions you may have about my review.

If this is the kind of critique you're seeking, please send me an email with a little bit of information about your writing project, including the word count, genre, and what your goals are for the piece. You should also feel free to inquire further about my experience. Then I'll respond to you with the cost and schedule for a review.

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